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New Here:

I am looking to purchase a home in the Providence/Copper Springs area and in walking and driving the neighborhood with our realtor, I have noticed several instances of devation from the HOA covenants.  Can anbody tell me if the HOA is lax in enforcement of above ground pools and backyard sheds?  I saw both and I thought the HOA outlawed them.

Also, can anybody tell me if vinyl fences and pergolas are allowed in Providence and Copper Springs.

Thanks in advance  for replies.

Providence HOA does not allow for above ground pools and does not allow backyard sheds.  I am not sure about Copper Springs.  Both have separate HOA's. 

I am pretty sure that the Providence HOA is NOT lax on those policies.  I have attended several HOA meetings, and it's been a 'hot' topic on both sides of the subject.

The only material that is allowed for fences/pergolas in Providence is wood.  That is another subject of frustration for the homeowners, as we have asked the HOA to change the covenant to include the vinyl fences/imitation wood as an approved material.  They were not willing (at that time) to look into it.  That will be the subject of further discussion...I am certain of that.

Both neighborhoods are GREAT to live in.  There are really good, caring people in our area.  :)  Feel free to IM me if you have further questions specifically about Providence.


Here's an odd question, but can Providence have chickens?  I have not seen any, but it was a discussion I heard.

No above ground pools that I know of

Concerned West Elgin Resident:
Copper Springs 1 has no pool restrictions and never has.  Providence only allows in ground pools.
As for fences in Copper Springs 1 the fence restriction in for Western Red Cedar, but is reviewed on a case by case basis.  They do not allow chain link at all.

Also be careful with what you see while driving around, the different HOA borders are very hard to determine without asking or using an original map.  One neighbor may have/allow a pool but the one behind them can not.

Don't even bring up that chicken thing.  That was brought as a joke to upset people by a troll way back when.  They City does not allow wild animals as pets as far as I understand

@New Here...let me ask...are you hopeful that the HOA does or does not allow pools and sheds?


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