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Author Topic: 2A Supporters  (Read 382 times)


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2A Supporters
« on: November 03, 2016, 10:55:41 AM »
Preface:  This thread is NOT a discussion on gun control.  While of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, please respect the context of this thread and if so desire to start one of your own.  Thank you.

I'm looking to see if any 2A supporters in our west area only, would be interested in forming a very casual, yet very closed "club" of coming together once in awhile to discuss our hobby.  For now, the group would be open to those only within the area from Providence, down Longcommon and along Nessler and onto Bowes Rd. 

The group would be fairly informal but would hope to meet up once a month or every two months possibly at someone's home, restaurant/bar or the boathouse.  As mentioned, it would basically be to discuss our hobby and affiliated ones as well (hunting, bow hunting, loading, techniques, etc), and introducing like-minded individuals from the area to hit the range with.  It would also be a time to discuss current affairs in our country and how we may best protect ourselves and community should municpal help be lacking and/or unavailable during more troublesome times.

This idea is very much in it's infancy so it may take a little time to actually get up and running and depending on what type of interest is given.

If interested please contact me via PM to discuss more.

Molan labe.

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